“Those works which I most deeply respect have about them a firm quality of the superhuman, in part because they refuse to define and limit and crutch, or admit themselves as human.”

Let Us Now Praise Famous Men, James Agee


The Literary Review

•  Fall 2012, Vol.55 No .04: Short Fiction, “After I Smothered The Baby.” 


The Los Angeles Review of Books

•  2/6/15: Essay on Twin Peaks and mapping evil, “The Trees, The Trees.

Electric Literature

•  5/4/15: Essay on Maggie Nelson’s The Argonauts, “Becoming Object.”
•  1/13/15: Essay on James Baldwin and Alain Mabanckou’s Letter To Jimmy.

The Millions

•  11/5/13: Essay on Laura van den Berg, “Youth and The Eisenberg Uncertainty Principle.”

Paste Magazine

•  11/26/13: Feature profile of Trentemøller, “The Best of What’s Next” (Issue #118).
•  8/13/13: Feature profile of Julia Holter, Seems Like A Mighty Long Time (Issue #104)
•  5/21/13: Feature profile of Port St. Willow, “The Best of What’s Next” (Issue #93).
•  2/5/13: Feature interview with Thao & The Get Down Stay Down, “An Album For The Masses,” (Issue #79).


•  9/12/12: Essay, “The Specialists” (Republished from The Classical).


•  10/23/17: Article, “How One Club Is Changing Youth Soccer.”

The Classical

•  4/7/14: Essay, “This Is How You Lose Her” Republished in Issue #9, “Losing.”
•  2/13/14: Essay, “The Trigger” on Harry Crews, Shane MacGowan, and athletes on the brink (Issue #8, “The Books Issue”)
•  9/27/13: Essay, “This Is How You Lose Her.”
•  8/14/13: Commentary, “Johnny Get Your Hancock.”
•  10/8/12: Article,”A Loose History of the Fumble.
•  9/6/12: Essay,”The Specialists.”

Maura Magazine

•  12/13/13: Feature interview with Kristin Hersh, “Muses Versus The Volcano.”

Consequence of Sound/Aux Out

•  11/11/13: Feature, “The Tracks to Your Earbuds: On Palma Violets, Autre Ne Veut, and Wilder Maker.

The Fiddleback

•  4/1/13: Volume 3, Issue 2, Essay, “Cerulean Salt, Golden Grrrls, and a Few Short Words About Marcy Mays.”

Book Reviews

Electric Literature

•  7/7/14: Review of Nobody Is Ever Missing, by Catherine Lacey.

Paste Magazine

•  3/12/13: Review of Red Doc>, by Anne Carson.
•  1/8/13: Review of Prosperous Friends, by Christine Schutt.
•  8/22/12: Review of The Devil In Silver, by Victor LaValle.

The Iowa Review

•  12/4/12: Review of Stories For Boys, by Gregory Martin.

The Nervous Breakdown

•  6/6/13: Review of Little Cat, by Tamara Faith Berger
•  5/14/13: Review of All That Is, by James Salter.
•  7/23/12: Review of Basement of Wolves, by Daniel Allen Cox.
•  6/13/12: Review of Creatures Here Below, by O.H. Bennett.
•  5/21/12: Review of The Secret Life of Objects, by Dawn Raffel.
•  3/5/12: Review of These Dreams of You, by Steve Erickson.
•  1/16/12: Review of A Tendency To Be Gone, by Pamela Ryder.

The Collagist

•  October 2012: Issue Thirty-Nine, Review of The Last Warner Woman, by Kei Miller.
•  April 2012: Issue Thirty-Three, Review of Minuet For Guitar, by Vitomil Zupan.
•  October 2011: Issue Twenty-Seven, Review of Life On Sandpaper, by Yoram Kaniuk.


•  10/31/12: Issue 12.5, Review of Shadow Man, by Gabriel Blackwell.

Emprise Review

•  11/8/11: Review of Seven Days In Rio, by Francis Levy.
•  8/23/11: Review of Stories For Nighttime And Some For The Day, by Ben Loory.
•  7/27/11: Review of Fragmentation +other stories, edited by Jana Waring and    Ryan Rivas.
•  6/22/11: Review of Look! Look! Feathers, by Mike Young.


Consequence of Sound

•  4/28/14: Review of Refractory Obdurate by Wovenhand.

Paste Magazine

•  12/25/14: Review of Everyday Crimes Against Objects Of Desire, by Wilder Maker.
•  10/21/14: Review of Lily-O, by Sam Amidon.
•  10/15/13: Review of Big Wheel & Others, by Cass McCombs.
•  10/15/13: Review of Lost, by Trentemøller.
•  8/13/13: Review of The Argument, by Grant Hart.
•  6/25/13: Review of Kenny Dennis LP, by Serengeti.
•  6/25/13: Review of The Beautiful Old, by Various Artists.
•  5/21/13: Review of It’s Up To Emma, by Scout Niblett.
•  5/14/13: Review of Bright Sunny South, by Sam Amidon.
•  5/7/13: Review of Monomania, by Deerhunter.
•  4/9/13: Review of Overgrown, by James Blake.
•  4/2/13: Review of Holiday, by Port St. Willow.
•  3/26/13: Review of Miami, by Brandt Brauer Frick.
•  3/19/13: Review of Muchacho, by Phosphorescent.
•  3/5/13: Review of Anxiety, by Autre Ne Veut.
•  3/5/13: Review of Somewhere Else, by Sally Shapiro.
•  2/19/13: Review of Privilege (Abridged), by Parenthetical Girls.
•  2/19/13: Review of Jamie Lidell, by Jamie Lidell.
•  1/15/13: Review of Lysandre, by Christopher Owens.
•  12/11/12: Review of Blue Lines (Reissue), by Massive Attack.
•  12/4/12: Review of Bish Bosch, by Scott Walker
•  11/13/12: Review of Pale Fire, by El Perro Del Mar.

The Fiddleback

•  9/10/13: Review of Year of Endless Light, by Wilder Maker


Big Other

•  5/18/12: Essay, “A Sequence On Sequence.”


•  4/30/11: Essay, “Ideas of Order in Chronology.”

Paste (List Contributions)

•  12/2/13: Paste’s 50 Best Albums of 2013.
•  8/29/13: Paste’s 50 Sexiest Songs of All Time.
•  7/1/13: Paste’s Best of 2013 (So Far)
•  4/28/13: Paste’s Most Played Songs in iTunes.