“Paying phony compliments is hard work,” Klara said. “That’s why I don’t do it.”

Underworld, Don DeLillo


The Literary Review

•  Fall 2012, Vol.55 No .04: Short Fiction, “After I Smothered The Baby.” 


The Los Angeles Review of Books

•  2/6/15: Essay on Twin Peaks and mapping evil, “The Trees, The Trees.

The Millions

•  11/5/13: Essay on Laura van den Berg, “Youth and The Eisenberg Uncertainty Principle.”

Paste Magazine

•  11/26/13: Feature profile of Trentemøller, “The Best of What’s Next” (Issue #118).
•  8/13/13: Feature profile of Julia Holter, “Seems Like A Mighty Long Time” (Issue #104)
•  5/21/13: Feature profile of Port St. Willow, “The Best of What’s Next” (Issue #93).
•  2/5/13: Feature interview with Thao & The Get Down Stay Down, “An Album For The             Masses,” (Issue #79).


•  9/12/12: Essay, “The Specialists” (Republished from The Classical).

The Classical

•  4/7/14: Essay, “This Is How You Lose Her” Republished in Issue #9, “Losing.”
•  2/13/14: Essay, “The Trigger” on Harry Crews, Shane MacGowan, and athletes on the           brink (Issue #8, “The Books Issue”)
•  9/27/13: Essay, “This Is How You Lose Her.”
•  8/14/13: Commentary, “Johnny Get Your Hancock.”
•  10/8/12: Article,”A Loose History of the Fumble.
•  9/6/12: Essay,”The Specialists.”

Maura Magazine

•  12/13/13: Feature interview with Kristin Hersh, “Muses Versus The Volcano.”

Consequence of Sound/Aux Out

•  11/11/13: Feature, “The Tracks to Your Earbuds: On Palma Violets, Autre Ne Veut, and Wilder Maker.

The Fiddleback

•  4/1/13: Volume 3, Issue 2, Essay, “Cerulean Salt, Golden Grrrls, and a Few Short           Words About Marcy Mays.

Book Reviews

Electric Literature

•  1/13/15: Review of Letter To Jimmy, by Alain Mabanckou.
•  7/7/14: Review of Nobody Is Ever Missing, by Catherine Lacey.

Paste Magazine

•  3/12/13: Review of Red Doc>, by Anne Carson.
•  1/8/13: Review of Prosperous Friends, by Christine Schutt.
•  8/22/12: Review of The Devil In Silver, by Victor LaValle.

The Iowa Review (Online)

•  12/4/12: Review of Stories For Boys, by Gregory Martin.

The Nervous Breakdown

•  6/6/13: Review of Little Cat, by Tamara Faith Berger
•  5/14/13: Review of All That Is, by James Salter.
•  7/23/12: Review of Basement of Wolves, by Daniel Allen Cox.
•  6/13/12: Review of Creatures Here Below, by O.H. Bennett.
•  5/21/12: Review of The Secret Life of Objects, by Dawn Raffel.
•  3/5/12: Review of These Dreams of You, by Steve Erickson.
•  1/16/12: Review of A Tendency To Be Gone, by Pamela Ryder.

The Collagist

•  October 2012: Issue Thirty-Nine, Review of The Last Warner Woman, by Kei Miller.
•  April 2012: Issue Thirty-Three, Review of Minuet For Guitar, by Vitomil Zupan.
•  October 2011: Issue Twenty-Seven, Review of Life On Sandpaper, by Yoram Kaniuk.


•  10/31/12: Issue 12.5, Review of Shadow Man, by Gabriel Blackwell.

Emprise Review

•  11/8/11: Review of Seven Days In Rio, by Francis Levy.
•  8/23/11: Review of Stories For Nighttime And Some For The Day, by Ben Loory.
•  7/27/11: Review of Fragmentation +other stories, edited by Jana Waring and    Ryan Rivas.
•  6/22/11: Review of Look! Look! Feathers, by Mike Young.


Consequence of Sound

•  4/28/14: Review of Refractory Obdurate by Wovenhand.

Paste Magazine

•  12/25/14: Review of Everyday Crimes Against Objects Of Desire, by Wilder Maker.
•  10/21/14: Review of Lily-O, by Sam Amidon.
•  10/15/13: Review of Big Wheel & Others, by Cass McCombs.
•  10/15/13: Review of Lost, by Trentemøller.
•  8/13/13: Review of The Argument, by Grant Hart.
•  6/25/13: Review of Kenny Dennis LP, by Serengeti.
•  6/25/13: Review of The Beautiful Old, by Various Artists.
•  5/21/13: Review of It’s Up To Emma, by Scout Niblett.
•  5/14/13: Review of Bright Sunny South, by Sam Amidon.
•  5/7/13: Review of Monomania, by Deerhunter.
•  4/9/13: Review of Overgrown, by James Blake.
•  4/2/13: Review of Holiday, by Port St. Willow.
•  3/26/13: Review of Miami, by Brandt Brauer Frick.
•  3/19/13: Review of Muchacho, by Phosphorescent.
•  3/5/13: Review of Anxiety, by Autre Ne Veut.
•  3/5/13: Review of Somewhere Else, by Sally Shapiro.
•  2/19/13: Review of Privilege (Abridged), by Parenthetical Girls.
•  2/19/13: Review of Jamie Lidell, by Jamie Lidell.
•  1/15/13: Review of Lysandre, by Christopher Owens.
•  12/11/12: Review of Blue Lines (Reissue), by Massive Attack.
•  12/4/12: Review of Bish Bosch, by Scott Walker
•  11/13/12: Review of Pale Fire, by El Perro Del Mar.

The Fiddleback

•  9/10/13: Review of Year of Endless Light, by Wilder Maker


Big Other

•  5/18/12: Essay, “A Sequence On Sequence.”


•  4/30/11: Essay, “Ideas of Order in Chronology.”

Paste (List Contributions)

•  12/2/13: Paste’s 50 Best Albums of 2013.
•  8/29/13: Paste’s 50 Sexiest Songs of All Time.
•  7/1/13: Paste’s Best of 2013 (So Far)
•  4/28/13: Paste’s Most Played Songs in iTunes.