This Is How You Lose Her

“After the city invested over $300 million in public money to build Petco Park, the home team has been dismantled and retooled—not as one of those boom and bust “rebuilding” projects where blooming stars are perpetually sold off, but rather as a streamlined private enterprise built to correct for the one variable outside organizational control: winning.”

Back again at The Classical, I have a longform essay, “This Is How You Lose Her,” investigating how the city of San Diego built a ballpark and lost a home team.


Seems Like A Mighty Long Time

“In drifts the melody and you’re smitten. Enchanté. You’ve known of Julia Holter before—which is to say you know her vaguely, know her well enough to know she’s never appeared quite like this…”

Read the rest of my feature profile of Julia Holter in Issue #104 of Paste.Com. Via my Twitter Feed @NHuffstutter and the 8/13/13 link “Julia Holter – Seems Like A Mighty Long Time – http://PASTE.COM” you can access the article in full.


Review Of Tamara Faith Berger’s Little Cat

“Jesus, what have I got myself into? There was an immediate salacious thrill, sure, proposing to take on Tamara Faith Berger’s first two erotic novels, Lie With Me and The Way Of The Whore, recently coupled and reissued as Little Cat. But here in the put up or shut up, a dissonant panic pries the gap between want and fulfillment, want and the frank admission that if anyone wrote a better book in 2012 than Tamara Faith Berger’s Maidenhead I didn’t read it…”

Tamara Faith Berger’s novels are not to be missed. Read the rest of my review of Little Cat here at The Nervous Breakdown.

Mid-Year Lists At Paste

For those who can’t wait the five months until year-end listmania kicks in, Paste Magazine compiled their “Best Of 2013 So Far.” You can read about my pick for the best album of the year — Phosphorescent’s Muchacho — or read my full review here. Paste Books Editor Charles McNair also put together a “Best Of  (So Far),” including one of my favorites of 2013, Anne Carson’s Red Doc>.

Review of Anne Carson’s Red Doc>

“There’s an Anne Carson story winding through Anne Carson’s life…” Read the rest of my review of Red Doc> here at Paste, as Anne Carson offers a continuation of sorts to the characters and story she first introduced in the much-adored Autobiography of Red. My thanks as well to The Rumpus and The Millions for helping expose the piece to their readers.